Caste System In School

India suffers majorly due to different castes prevailing.But let us not talk about India.I am talking about the caste system prevalent in school.I was new to “Delhi Public School,Bangalore.”As every other new student I wanted to fit in,be popular.My first day….”Good Luck”,my parents said in unison.

I entered my class,gave the slip with my details to my class teacher and took a seat.Thirty student eyes stared at the new girl.I squirmed on my seat uncomfortably and gave a feeble smile.The classes went on uneventfully.It was during the lunch time I decided I would spend 3 days with the 3 castes in my class.The names of the three castes are- “The Rich”, “The middle-class” and “The poor”.And i don;t refer to the finacial status of the students by giving the groups the respective names.I refer to their kind of behaviour in school.

The next day I tried talking to the rich.They were pretty welcoming to my surprise.But the only problem was that their topics seemed oblivious to me.Their talks moslty consisted of,”OMG!My dad got me this awesome new mobile yesterday.Nokia N91.It is so cool.” Then this other talk,”This guy in my tuition is so cute.We talked for so long yesterday!”Not to forget,”Did you notice my lipstick?Cool isn’t it.” I decided to mute them out.I didn’t belong here.But one another advantage the rich have is that they are pretty smart.They hardly study and spend all their hours on facebook or the phone but somehow they get good marks in exams.The day with “The rich” was hectic and embarrassing.Especially when a girl asked,”So who was your first boyfriend?”My reply was genuine.”I didn’t have any till today.”They laughed so hard that a teacher came inside the class to see what all the commotion was about.Well day 1 was over!Tomorrow is the day with the middle-class.

The next day I realised that the middle-class were perfect.They liked to make their parents happy.They were intelligent and got very good marks.They were good friends and teacher’s favourites.But they had the jealousy drawback.If a teacher praised one student from her group,the other would not talk to the girl for the rest of the day.Pretty stupid!The middle-class also consisted of those kinds of people who don’t share their lunches,fought for the smallest issues.Well day 2 wasn’t so bad.

Then the next day with “The poor” turned out be good and odd.They were complete nerds who even studied during the “Physical Education” period and ”Library”.Worst of all,”Lunch time”.But you can’t hate them.They are very generous and sweet.They are the ones who get full for every test.They are smart and intelligent.Their talks with me made me feel like a complete loser.One asked,”Which formula of trigonometery do you like the most.”I answered the first thing that came to my mind.


Then sadly they had a discussion on trigonometery which bored me to sleep.The very next day i contemplated on which group to be with.They all were good in one way.And awkward in another.But I realised that they all shared a common feature.None of the groups would interact with another for any reason.They lead their school lives in their own groups.That is the reason I call it the caste system.I’d better sit and watch all three groups a while more.Wise choice!



In a chat session :
“Hey man, What are you doing?” “Nothing!”

How much time have we spent doing nothing… What is this “nothing”? This is a question many philosophers have pondered over years..

Are you really doing nothing? Our lives happen to be filled with “nothing”

What is it??? I’ve been to those yoga classes where one is supposed to think of nothing… Thats impossible according to me… At start you try to clear your mind… you tell yourself think of nothing, the moment you do this your thinking of thinking of nothing… this by the way is not nothing.You realize this and try force that thought out of your mind. WHAM!!! More thoughts come rushing in out of nowhere, the movie you saw yesterday, the book you read last week, whether or not your friend was justified in doing what he/she did…. By the time you realize whats going on your thinking the exact opposite of nothing – everything


So what is this so called nothing? I heard somewhere that the absence of everything is nothing. So that means in theory, you couldn’t walk into an empty room and say it has nothing.. obviously there’s air right???

Then there’s that famous story from the Upanishads(ancient indian scripture) (chandokya upanishad if i’m not mistaken). The story tells us about the enlightenment of “Shveta kethu” a young lad who goes to a school to acquire knowledge… He comes home years later as learned man, yet very proud and haughty, as the story goes on we realize that his dad is going to try and humble him… he takes him to a tree and asks him to get a fruit… “whats in the fruit my son?” “Seeds”… simple isn’t it… “Whats in the seed?” “nothing” (those of you genius scientists out there dont start analyzing yet). “if there is nothing in it and yet it gives rise to a tree, how can there be nothing in it… and so the story goes…

Once again they kind of hint that nothing doesn’t exist (this is in no way what the story preaches – just something i noticed)

Apart from the physical aspect there is something else, “What have u been up to lately?” “nothing much”… Yes i know its jus a phrase… but look at it closely… nothing is the absence of everything and we know group it with much…. sounds more like an oxymoron to me…

In fact if we think about it nothing is not nothing – because there is nothing  in nothing , which is not the absence of everything? (OK i don’t understand the meaning of that statement on the second reading myself… anyone care to explain.. or is it just wrong?)

In fact if you stare at the word long enough you are bound to notice its NO and THING to form nothing!!!

So what is this nothing… this word we use everyday, and yet most people don’t know the meaning of…  this word which we soo take for granted… would someone care to enlighten me?

The boy who doesn’t know nothing!

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Time Thought Equity – Did the greatest minds miss this?

Before i start off… No I’m gonna be writing huge equations to which we both don’t the answers…

We know that Time moves equally never slower nor faster… Come on most people know this without even going to school… it is something we take for granted…

BUT after careful observation I’m of a different opinion… Time isn’t equi-spaced… and here’s why

Students will most easily understand this. Imagine the professor/teacher you dislike the most. Now Imagine sitting through one of his/her lectures… How many times have you glanced at your watch? Trust me I know… Some of us even go the extent of removing the watch and shaking it to check if its working, “Maybe the battery’s dead.” Trust me it never is… For you people who have finished college/school, Think of the client(the one who really gets on your nerves) meeting you have at work,and for you home-makers, that mother in-law with whom you are going to spend the day (NOM)… In all these cases Time slows down…

Scenario 2 : Imagine your best friends have come over, and all of you are meeting after ages, before you realize whats happened hours have rolled by.  Yes you’re right if you ever thought time increased its speed. And here’s another thing many people would agree with, You take a study break and say to yourself, “I’ll be on Facebook only for 20 minutes” and then get off the computer an hour later. Need I say more?

People will tell you its all in your thoughts and that you’re being ridiculous. Here’s where I think the greatest minds in the world have missed something. Time is relative. (the same concept in Einstein’s relativity theory). Time increases or decreases speed depending on your current state of mind. While my experience has shown that happiness speeds it up and boredom slows it down, I am still experimenting to get concrete proof to establish my theory…

So I call upon all of you to help with this proof and post any experiences you may think that will help this research as comments,lets finally rectify what some of the greatest minds in the world over-looked

Strangers in paradise :)

There are people we meet every day in our lives , I tried to look through most of them and understand a lot of things. But to my surprise there is one unexpected stranger I am stuck with for sometime and slowly getting addicted to…… A Beautiful stranger .
When I googled the synonym for “strange”, it read “foreigner, alien, outsider, visitor, guest, new arrival”..let me elobarate..yes she is a foreigner not from my mother land but from a father land, alien…her world and her thoughts ..her view ..her perception ..her ideology of life, a guest I will care for , a new arrival ..into my life in a difficult period when I was confused and condemned that’s why I refer to her as a stranger .
Paradise lost and gained :
We are in this strange world of conversation…hmm.hmm ..Confession, confusion, consultation, conclusion. We have created this world for ourselves with the darkness around us and the light in our eyes and our thoughts to keep us awake all night long.This World is the most peaceful place where we have discussed every thing a human being can think about . Things that a girl can talk about to a girl and a man can talk about to a man …  distant from gender ,sex, colour, character biases.
Chaste as children of God we have never been scared to do things and discuss taboos , laughing and giggling at our worlds so far but yet so near . Thats how I see her…. I see the world though her eyes and she sees the world through my words. As it goes on  , can any one come between our  world where we are totally free from everything ? non stop , non censored , non committed , non violent 🙂
Neither I have never missed her in my dreams , nor has she missed my physical presence . I try to think of a perfect word to define our strange cross road???. I just cannot define her in a word , for the first time in my life I am unable to express my feeling and define a being  in my life. Am I not expressive? Doubts start to linger in my mind.
I am not scared in my mind , we still go over it again . I find it interesting that we are still not scared to open up about anything . After all the debate in my head about defining her, I finally feel foolish as I already did so at the very beginning as a BEAUTIFUL STRANGER and that is why we are not confused .
Defiant and determined, I do on not  want to lose this feeling of emotional bliss I am experiencing for the first time with out the prejudice of a physical need . Beauty in this world defined in a different way , differentiating  it from the cliché of the world and better defined as a stranger so known ,so far apart in thoughts ,yet so physically distinct and distant. Can the world take this definition?
So it is just a conjecture, a proposition that is unproven but appears correct and has not been disproven 😉