Strangers in paradise :)

There are people we meet every day in our lives , I tried to look through most of them and understand a lot of things. But to my surprise there is one unexpected stranger I am stuck with for sometime and slowly getting addicted to…… A Beautiful stranger .
When I googled the synonym for “strange”, it read “foreigner, alien, outsider, visitor, guest, new arrival”..let me elobarate..yes she is a foreigner not from my mother land but from a father land, alien…her world and her thoughts ..her view ..her perception ..her ideology of life, a guest I will care for , a new arrival ..into my life in a difficult period when I was confused and condemned that’s why I refer to her as a stranger .
Paradise lost and gained :
We are in this strange world of conversation…hmm.hmm ..Confession, confusion, consultation, conclusion. We have created this world for ourselves with the darkness around us and the light in our eyes and our thoughts to keep us awake all night long.This World is the most peaceful place where we have discussed every thing a human being can think about . Things that a girl can talk about to a girl and a man can talk about to a man …  distant from gender ,sex, colour, character biases.
Chaste as children of God we have never been scared to do things and discuss taboos , laughing and giggling at our worlds so far but yet so near . Thats how I see her…. I see the world though her eyes and she sees the world through my words. As it goes on  , can any one come between our  world where we are totally free from everything ? non stop , non censored , non committed , non violent 🙂
Neither I have never missed her in my dreams , nor has she missed my physical presence . I try to think of a perfect word to define our strange cross road???. I just cannot define her in a word , for the first time in my life I am unable to express my feeling and define a being  in my life. Am I not expressive? Doubts start to linger in my mind.
I am not scared in my mind , we still go over it again . I find it interesting that we are still not scared to open up about anything . After all the debate in my head about defining her, I finally feel foolish as I already did so at the very beginning as a BEAUTIFUL STRANGER and that is why we are not confused .
Defiant and determined, I do on not  want to lose this feeling of emotional bliss I am experiencing for the first time with out the prejudice of a physical need . Beauty in this world defined in a different way , differentiating  it from the cliché of the world and better defined as a stranger so known ,so far apart in thoughts ,yet so physically distinct and distant. Can the world take this definition?
So it is just a conjecture, a proposition that is unproven but appears correct and has not been disproven 😉


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