CSC 510 : Final Podcast

Show Notes
In this podcast we discuss the script and console panels of our three tools – Chrome Developer tools, Firebug, F12 developer tools.

The first section of our podcast focuses on the console and how it has made working with javascript a much more pleasant experience. We briefly discuss

  • using the console to log events
  • javascript execution on console
  • usability and layout of these panels
  • working with javascript errors

The next section focuses on the scripting panel and how to use it debug javascript errors. We show how these tools are moving towards acting as a runtime IDE for javascript. Here we look at

  • debugging a javascript error
  • sub-panels- watch, stack, breakpoints
  • layout and usabillity
  • how they went above and beyond

One Cool thing

We think the fact that these tools are coming coles to being IDEs is AWESOME


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Raghav Tripathi & Roopak Venkatakrishnan


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