Time Thought Equity – Did the greatest minds miss this?

Before i start off… No I’m gonna be writing huge equations to which we both don’t the answers…

We know that Time moves equally never slower nor faster… Come on most people know this without even going to school… it is something we take for granted…

BUT after careful observation I’m of a different opinion… Time isn’t equi-spaced… and here’s why

Students will most easily understand this. Imagine the professor/teacher you dislike the most. Now Imagine sitting through one of his/her lectures… How many times have you glanced at your watch? Trust me I know… Some of us even go the extent of removing the watch and shaking it to check if its working, “Maybe the battery’s dead.” Trust me it never is… For you people who have finished college/school, Think of the client(the one who really gets on your nerves) meeting you have at work,and for you home-makers, that mother in-law with whom you are going to spend the day (NOM)… In all these cases Time slows down…

Scenario 2 : Imagine your best friends have come over, and all of you are meeting after ages, before you realize whats happened hours have rolled by.  Yes you’re right if you ever thought time increased its speed. And here’s another thing many people would agree with, You take a study break and say to yourself, “I’ll be on Facebook only for 20 minutes” and then get off the computer an hour later. Need I say more?

People will tell you its all in your thoughts and that you’re being ridiculous. Here’s where I think the greatest minds in the world have missed something. Time is relative. (the same concept in Einstein’s relativity theory). Time increases or decreases speed depending on your current state of mind. While my experience has shown that happiness speeds it up and boredom slows it down, I am still experimenting to get concrete proof to establish my theory…

So I call upon all of you to help with this proof and post any experiences you may think that will help this research as comments,lets finally rectify what some of the greatest minds in the world over-looked


2 thoughts on “Time Thought Equity – Did the greatest minds miss this?

  1. When you wait at the stove for the milk to boil, it never does…but if I dare take my eyes off it, it boils over…and since I started blogging, I have burnt food at least half as much as the number of post on my blog!!!LOL:)

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