In a chat session :
“Hey man, What are you doing?” “Nothing!”

How much time have we spent doing nothing… What is this “nothing”? This is a question many philosophers have pondered over years..

Are you really doing nothing? Our lives happen to be filled with “nothing”

What is it??? I’ve been to those yoga classes where one is supposed to think of nothing… Thats impossible according to me… At start you try to clear your mind… you tell yourself think of nothing, the moment you do this your thinking of thinking of nothing… this by the way is not nothing.You realize this and try force that thought out of your mind. WHAM!!! More thoughts come rushing in out of nowhere, the movie you saw yesterday, the book you read last week, whether or not your friend was justified in doing what he/she did…. By the time you realize whats going on your thinking the exact opposite of nothing – everything


So what is this so called nothing? I heard somewhere that the absence of everything is nothing. So that means in theory, you couldn’t walk into an empty room and say it has nothing.. obviously there’s air right???

Then there’s that famous story from the Upanishads(ancient indian scripture) (chandokya upanishad if i’m not mistaken). The story tells us about the enlightenment of “Shveta kethu” a young lad who goes to a school to acquire knowledge… He comes home years later as learned man, yet very proud and haughty, as the story goes on we realize that his dad is going to try and humble him… he takes him to a tree and asks him to get a fruit… “whats in the fruit my son?” “Seeds”… simple isn’t it… “Whats in the seed?” “nothing” (those of you genius scientists out there dont start analyzing yet). “if there is nothing in it and yet it gives rise to a tree, how can there be nothing in it… and so the story goes…

Once again they kind of hint that nothing doesn’t exist (this is in no way what the story preaches – just something i noticed)

Apart from the physical aspect there is something else, “What have u been up to lately?” “nothing much”… Yes i know its jus a phrase… but look at it closely… nothing is the absence of everything and we know group it with much…. sounds more like an oxymoron to me…

In fact if we think about it nothing is not nothing – because there is nothing  in nothing , which is not the absence of everything? (OK i don’t understand the meaning of that statement on the second reading myself… anyone care to explain.. or is it just wrong?)

In fact if you stare at the word long enough you are bound to notice its NO and THING to form nothing!!!

So what is this nothing… this word we use everyday, and yet most people don’t know the meaning of…  this word which we soo take for granted… would someone care to enlighten me?

The boy who doesn’t know nothing!

Here’s an interesting read on the same article


6 thoughts on “Nothing!

  1. nothing is what occurs when there isn’t something. Because nothing happens in no time, there is instantly something.

    So nothing is what happens between things. 😀

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