April 11 2012 -> Earthquake at Sumatra, -> Indonesia, Chennai , Bombay

And for the second time this blog posts live about an earthquake!

Apparently a huge earthquake off the coast of Northen Sumatra…. 8.9 in the richter scales….

Reports are coming from everywhere… here are the links i could find….


It is reported to be from a tsunami… Did anyone else feel anything??? Please post any interesting stories/information

Update :
Earthquake felt at Singapore, Thailand and southern India!

The richter scale was at 8.7

Update 2:
tsunami alert in tamil nadu and Andhra Pradhesh, india

Update 3:

http://ptwc.weather.gov/ptwc/?region=3&id=indian.TSUIOX.2012.04.11.0845&msg for tsunami arrival times

Update 4:
People in chennai feel a second tremor!


Update 5:
On the lighter side :

  •     People think rajinikanth had something to do with this
  •     Kevin William David claims that facebook and twitter are the most affected areas

8 thoughts on “April 11 2012 -> Earthquake at Sumatra, -> Indonesia, Chennai , Bombay

  1. s. Earthquake strongly felt in Tuticorin too. shake felt on mobile phones, waterbottles, chairs. People too felt something strange.

  2. was working in my office suddenly felt like my chair was shaking. at first my thought was my chair might have some prob.. but i felt even more vigorously…. came outside my room to see my colleagues.. everybody felt the same and we ran to ground… to see the situation.. to our surprise not a soul came out of the near by house. We were really surprised and inquired next door pharmacy were he said he too felt it…

  3. here in the philippines we didnt feel anything.hehe.im gonna watch news later so that il know whats hapenning.post ur update here so we can be aware of whats going to happen..

  4. I was entering into my office premises suudenly saw people running everywhere dont know what might be the reason,later went to my place sat in chair and was unlocking my computer then what……………………table started shaking and made me to believe there was an earthquake or we can say there is an earthquake

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