Facebook’s Project Titan Revealed

After months of speculation facebook announced their secret project titan…

Disappointed, the “gmail killer” was a complete rumor… yes everyone will eventually get username@facebook.com(if you want). Zuckerburg says the idea is to create a seamless messaging system fir people to communicate… Whether people use laptop, phones, PDAs they’ll be able to view their messages in a nice organized format.

The funny thing though is Bosworth says its going to be modelled after a chat… wait a second… yes thats exactly what facebook are good at .. CHAT (yes thats right sarcasm intended). users have been complaining on end to get the eb based chat system fb has fixed, and not a step has been taken but yes titan is now going to try set up this unfinished code for various platforms… way to go facebook you really seem to be doing amazing things.

Getting back, the project will eventually kick of via invites only so you’ll have to wait to get yours! Looks like facebook has picked up on google’s cheat code to generating a hype (gmail to wave)!!! yes wave was a complete letdown but the hype was enormous!!! For whatever it is work if u haven’t managed to get the username u want on gmail or yahoo now is prolly a good time to set your username on facebook (account -> account settings)

Read more at the huffington post


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