Endhiran – from my perspective

Living in Chennai, I seem to be in the middle of it all, TV sets, news channels, radio channels, news papers and pretty much everybody seems to be talking about endhiran!

It’s a given that almost any movie Rajni makes today is a huge hit, despite the rest of the cast!!! And so I decided to listen to the songs and watch the trailers to see what all the hype was about!

I came across a lot of factors which made this movie unique, like the budget, the cast, the director, the graphics studio, but one thing in the trailers caught my attention!!! Each and every scene reminds me of some movie or the other… and this is apparently what Director Shankar terms as “unique” , “new” and one of a kind.”

First the Huge snake thing (made of many rajni robots) seems to look like a mix between an idea from anaconda and the snake from king kong with a small change that it is made of metal…

Then the scene where rajni pulls out loads of guns, for some reason reminds me of that scene in star wars episode 1 with the droid robots which roll around with their guns shooting in all random directions!!!

Rajni in Endhrian

Rajni in a still from Endhiran

But by far the best, from the trailer one can’t help but notice that robot rajni turns evil when one card is removed and swapped for another… where have i seen that before… totally new??? Guess again, kids would be familiar with Disney’s Inspector Gadget… Inspector gadget becomes evil when his card is swapped and good again when placed with the normal one… And by a wild shot I’m pretty much sure this concept is in use here in a slightly modified way!!!

Also the smaller things like the bullet shooting out of the robot’s finger, again a modified version of the cigarette lighter trick from inspector gadget..

And all this before the movie releases, wonder how many other copied scenes we are to find after we actually watch the movie!!!

All that apart tho, rajni does have his share of “oomph”. Ask any kid who isΒ  8 years old, or even my grandfather who is 85, everyone seems to watch in awe as this guy takes the stage…

And some of us wonder why his movies run in spite of the total lack of sense in them, especially the gross violation of physics!!! Come on we all know that one (Einstein and Newton are prolly crying their hearts out up there)… The reason they run is because of the sheer number of his fans.

Taking Chennai alone as a sample can show one the magnitude of this number… Endhiran releases this Friday and so far all theaters and cineplexes are showing nothing but endhiran for almost a week. Mayajaal has 60 shows a day for a week, and sathyam is running up to 35 shows a day!!! Not one show during this next week can one watch any other movie…

And to make matters even better, his fans (including those who struggle to get 3 square meals a day) are willing to shell up to 20 times the ticket prices to watch the film…

So all this given its almost impossible for the movie to fail in spite of its huge budget!!!

Lets wait and watch to see what magic Rajni has woven this time!!!


6 thoughts on “Endhiran – from my perspective

  1. very immaturish… if the snake reminds u of anaconda.. then humans will remind u of every damn movie u know.. LOL @ ur ignorance

  2. Shakthi must be an ignorant fan (and might I add nastily, one who doesn’t know his spelling :P).

    These filmmakers will continue squandering money away in a desperate attempt to ape Hollywood though ironically it took a pukka Indian story like slumdog to win the Oscars! Ha, the Americans must really be having a good laugh! Endhiran will not be a great movie and we know it – but everyone (including me) will go watch it anyway. We cannot be over-analytical about some things, and this is one.

    • pretty much what i have in mind!!! and yup you’re totally right about the everybody watching it part… I’ll prolly wait till the tickets are normally prized and easy to get before i go tho πŸ˜›

      PS : was expecting a lot worse from the rajni fans, surprised to see just one comment tho 😐

  3. IF you’re looking for logic in rajnikant films you’ve already lost the point.

    Hollywood and french movies are a million times better and more logical than commercial Indian movies and sometimes the stuff that rajni does is beyond human comprehension, but till this day there is no actor in the world than can replicate the magic of a rajnikanth movie.

    Rajnikanth is not just an actor he’s a phenomenon

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