The Medical Room.


“Ouch,” I exclaimed.

“Oh my God! I am so damn sorry…I mean I didn’t know I would hurt you or something!,”Raagini kept saying.

“Okay! Stop! It is okay.”

“Can I take you to the medical room or something?”

“Or something! I can go by myself, thank you.Atleast you saved my legs.”

She frowned. Okay so I’d hurt her feelings. But it was all her fault. Nobody asked her to throw the ball at me when I told her that I wasn’t going to catch it.I fell down and I’d hit myself in the head and I’d hurt my hands badly. A lot of blood was pouring out! I walked slowly to the medical room. I could feel Raagini’s gaze behind my back.

I knocked twice at the door.

“Come in!” said a stern voice.

“Good morning ma’am.”

“What are you here for? Can’t you see I am busy?”

She’s got to be kidding me. She was on her laptop and she had ear phones plugged to her ears.

“I’d hurt my self during P.E.I was wondering if you could just do your thing.”

“All right!” she sighed.”Meha!” she called out.

Meha entered the main room. She wasn’t happy to see me.

“Sit down there.” I sat down on the couch.

The lady who I first saw,came towards me and gave me “Vicks”.

“Umm…Ma’am.I’ve hurt my self. I don’t have a cold or something.”

“Are you teaching me what to do?”

“No I was just telling…”

“Shh! Okay wait here.”

Meha came back with an album in her hands.

“Remember these, Anjali? The marriage photos.”

“Oh yeah!”Anjali said.

They were looking at the album for 3 minutes. And then I got irritated. Blood was pouring out and they were looking at their memories!

“Ma’am, my hand and my head?”

“I know! I was going to come,”Anjali screamed.

Meha went into the store-room while Anjali looked at the album some more. Meha reappeared with a wet towel.

Anjali went to her. They were whispering. But I could hear each detail. They had to improve their whispering skills.

“Meha! Wet towel! Her skin may peel off.”

“I know but so what? Who cares?”

“Okay yeah you are right.”

“Umm…I heard what you said. I cannot allow you to do that!” I exclaimed.

They looked at each other.

“We weren’t going to do that anyways,”Meha said nervously.

They went into the store-room and got the things which were right.Anjali came closer and put that spray thing on my hand.OW OW OW!

It’s burning.Ahh! Finally it is better. They gave an icepack for my head and pushed me towards the door.The bell just rang.

“Go,Go to class!” Meha and Anjali said in unison.

“How do you feel?”Raagini asked as soon as I’d reached outside. She must have been waiting for me. I wanted to describe my horrid experience in detail.But I decided to play the good girl.

“Super!” I said.


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