The face of the rupee -> Udaya Kumar does chennai proud

By now its all over the news, the government have decided to adopt a symbol for the indian rupee, instead of the old and boring Rs. And as nation with its all its culture diversity and its huge population everyone was looking forward to what the new symbol would be…

With all that hype they couldn’t afford to disappoint, and after a  really long screening process an entry by Udaya Kumar of Chennai has been chosen as the winner. The prize money apart, to look back 30 years down the line and say “I designed the symbol for the rupee” is something which is price less!!!!

On a quick glance all of you who can read hindi .. or sanskrit will notice the ‘ra’ symbol… officially the ‘devanagiri’ script and then the letter R can also be seen. Yes it looks pretty neat.

There have also been people who have started with their predictions. Some go the extent of, this symbol will bring power to the rupee. We will see it value rise slowly but gradually. I’m all for it but the last i checked the currency market depended on the markets, economy and stuff like that …

Still we’ll just have to wait and see what this new symbol has in store for the rupee… The government says the roll out will take6 months in the country and about 2 years to reach the international scenario… when it reaches the keyboard, one can safely assume its become popular


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