Tremor in Nicobar Islands -> Chennai – June 13 2010

Was trying to shift email servers at the office when my chair shook… I thought to myself, that I was imagining it half asleep… Decided i needed a coffee and went to get myself one… And there once again i could feel the ground shaking…

Now for a second i was perplexed… Suddenly I notice all the night shift employees running outside… “What in god’s name?” I run out too… All is silent… Yet there is a small crowd of people gathered outside… yes my hunch was right, it was tremor…

My guess is it occurred at around 1:08am (20 minutes back) local time and i think it’s hardly high on the Richter scale. Damage should be nil and same goes for life loss…

After calling up friends (some of whom are cursing me right now), I gather that most people didn’t even feel it… This means that it was so light that some people didn’t even feel it… Funny thing is, apparently even my dog didn’t feel it….

An experience different from the rest

UPDATE: Apparently there was a quake at Nicobar islands with 7.7 on the Richter scale and we just got the side effect

More here ->

UPDATE : Now there’s a tsunami alert… look here… keep watching this space for more info πŸ˜›

UPDATE: We seem to have had all the info within about 20 minutes after the tremor and The Hindu got to it 45 minutes later… The common man rules… Not to mention the apparent lie by them (pointed out by Gowrishankar) where they stateΒ  ” people were standing outside for more than an hour” whereas the article had been published only 45 minutes after the quake … Nice one…

All is back to normal now… great experience πŸ˜‰


21 thoughts on “Tremor in Nicobar Islands -> Chennai – June 13 2010

  1. hi, i also had the tremor effect in south chennai, while i was watching world cup football match my tv my chair everything was shaking and it was lasted for 30 to 60 seconds,

  2. ha ha…at first i got a heart attck for being awake at such an odd…..and thought it was the…..bloody hell…it freaked me out..:D still i thought it was cute….i’m stil not over it……lol..

  3. Hi,it was not light but solid one.I had been doing google till now if it really was or I had some issues lol$
    Thanks to google

  4. yup, I felt it too while working on my lappy, sitting on the floor, here at Valasaravakkam area. The next instant I was getting sms from my friend located at Saidapet!!

  5. i felt it too !!! first i thought it was my tummy .. but it wasnt πŸ˜€
    now i have proof πŸ˜›
    although i ate a midnight snack and the tremors stopped again πŸ˜› so im still slightly confused πŸ™‚

  6. Yeah, I felt it. Then ran up and woke my dad,mom,bro(atleast I tried), came down, went to the street….seems like I was the only guy who felt it..went back up and spent upto to now marvelling at the speed at which information is spreading. Be it Google twitter updates,blog updates or this site

    And then I land upon this article in the hindu, which was published about 45 minutes after the tremor.

    But they claim many residents have been standing out for more than an Hour now….i know it isnt something big but..still…thats just a lie πŸ™‚

    • he he… love the way info spreads as well… got 100 hits within 5 minutes of publishing this piece…

      on twitter people are jus tweeting on and on… not to mention facebook ….

      WOW certainly the e age

      Nice catch on the hindu article man πŸ˜‰

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