Indian Politics -> Just a show or cornered by the Media?

You probably heard about the plane crash at Mangalore Today. An air India flight from Dubai to Mangalore crashed while landing. 158 people were killed on the spot and there were 8 survivors. More here

So what did the aviation minister have to say about this? Well flipping through the news channels all I noticed was ‘Praful might resign’ or ‘Praful submits resignation.’ Stand up man! The first thing the politicians seem to want to do on the wake of a national calamity seems to be to resign. Sheer Cowardice. Isn’t it now that they ought to jump to action, to find out what the cause was, to get things rectified, to console the dear ones of the deceased?

This makes me wonder, what is the Indian Government upto? Sitting ducks with our money? Then again sometimes i think its the media’s fault. We all know how the ruthless media work. They decide to turn someone into a hero, wallah – its done. Should they decide to screw you – you are soup. The first question asked to Praful Patel today (by a reporter of NDTV Hindu – if my memory serves me right), “Sir, are you going to resign?”

Why in the blo**y world should he resign? But the media is all powerful and should you decide not to do so, that would be the headline for the next one week! Have we given the media too much power with – “freedom of the press??” This in no way means the politicians are right… Are the politicians and politics cornered by the media. Could they do better without this pressure? Food for thought!!


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