Zettabytes, here we come!!!

There was a time when Bill Gates once apparently said

“No one will need more than 637 kb of memory for a personal computer.”

Then again, that fact is argued upon, and recently we’ve come to agree that Bill never said that!

The first system we had in our house had a capacity of 100MB!!! Looking back at the systems I’ve worked on, the capacity of the computer is what makes smile… I once got what I thought was state of the art – with an amazing memory capacity as well 8GB… Times change rapidly I guess…

Today we’ve come across a new term in digital data storage history – A zettabyte… What is this you ask??? The geek has heard of petabyte, and many users know what a terabyte is, and everyone knows how much a gigabyte is…

Before we try to imagine what a zettabyte is, let’s quickly look through the different units we’ve seen through the ages…

  • 1 bit – stores 1 digit (a zero or a one)
  • 1 byte – 8 bits
  • 1KB – 1024 bytes
  • 1MB – 1024KB
  • 1GB – 1024MB
  • 1TB – 1024GB
  • 1PB – 1000TB
  • 1ZB – 1,000,000,000 PB

Tough to imagine… think we’ll NEVER reach a ZB??? Well not to worry we’re almost there… Then again most of us don’t believe a PB is reachable either… but here are some things you should know

Google (our favorite search engine) processes 24 petabytes of data a day… in simpler terms, that’s about 17 million movies (of those aXXo rips you have at home)…

Avatar – the movie that people raved about, apparently it took up 1PB of storage during the 3D rendering

So this is all nothing compared to one 1ZB right??? Why do we even need it??? Well as of today the entire world’s global data output is 8,000,000 PB… huge !!! still far of from 1 billion PB right… well the International Data Corporation estimates that the world will reach 1 ZB sometime in 2010…

1ZB is the amount of data one can store in 75 billion ipads… or better yet… if everyone in the world sat tweeting continuously for 100 years we’d generate 1ZB!!! What are you waiting for go take some videos, photos lets reach this milestone!!!


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