Gunners were Messy(i) :(

As a kid he had a growth hormone deficiency and there were doubts about his footballing career. The catalans believed in him and he never let them down. He is undoubted star of soccer, the son of Argentina and i doubt if god would like to come down and defend against him , when on his thundering runs. Weaving through hapless defence like soldiers exposed to artillery from a plane. Goal keeper become punching bags as he unleashes some thundering shots. He moves into defenses like a warrior. Just leaves Behind FEAR !!, SHOCK !! TRAUMA !! 

At club level he has achieved every thing a youngsters would like to achieve , but at 22 he has achieved the status of a legend in the Barcelona Football club. Heart breaking for a gunner to write about him after a night where he just demolished the hopes , dreams et all.

Just before the match he was talking to reporter about the license he has to play with all the freedom. And he showed what that can do to the beautiful game. Hoping that he will be substituted in the half time by henry for the clash with the rivals Real Madrid looms large , EL CLASSICO !!…

Just a proof that Barcelona have a game which is way ahead of Arsenal, a great example of what should be done with great players in club football. Justice to the way they played they scored and showed the day light between them and rest of the clubs.

So it is the clash of the Special one’s the one on-field Messi and off-field Jose morinhuo. The Italian League leaders and the spanish leaders. And it will be clash of defensive prowess of Cambioso, lucio, zanetti against messi & co. Both had a point to prove this season.

 Barcelona after a glittering season with league and champions league were to be challenged by a spending spree of Real Madrid, KAKA( AC Milan), christiano(Manchester United),Alonso (Liverpool),Karim Benzima (LYON) were bought to stop the catalans from domination. Is there a Redemtion for the Madrid Riches ?

Irony that the final will be in Santiago bernabue , barcelona most hated place. Coliseum for the “EL CLASSICO”.And all the Real madrid stars can watch THE MESSI play from the gallery. Messi does not need a adjective , his name is one ” MESSI ”

So after last night the line up is almost clear, Spanish champions Vs the italian champions and a French side Vs English/German giants .

The dark horse in the race is the french side Lyon. But i dont think they can stand any where close to Internationale or Barca.

Now we move to the most intriguing clash of the arguably most famous club Manchester united (Who i really deeply hate ) and the most famous german club Bayern (who are hated by most germans :)) . I think it will be the red devils who will make it through to the semis along side Lyon.

I am now relieved and can sit down and enjoy the match today as a happy neutral not bothered about the result. 🙂

Last but not the least can he show this magic with out his team mate in the club when he plays in the world cup. Time will tell …..:)


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