Young Guns ..Old Foe :(

Its another big Champions league night today where the young gunners take on the mighty basques in Camp nou …For those who dont know the tradition of this basque team ..let me put history in front of you ..barca soccer is just not a sport its there freedom of expression, freedom of language and freedom of there exsistence in this world.There were times when basque language was banned from spain and people used Camp nou and soccer stadium to talk in there language and protect there culture and tradition and Barcelona FC is there identiy and not just a sport. The uniqueness of the team also shows on there T shirt sponsors UNICEF and not any Commercial brand .

Back to soccer now Barca have there own identiy with the golden generation of player mostly from the spanish internations like Xavi, Inesta, Puyol, Pique in the side and the arguably best player in the world MESSI. Then there are people like Ibrahinovic and Henry who dont need introduction and are the lengends of the game.then they have Bojan , Daniel Alavez who are stars on there own right. This is a fabulous team who can pass ,defend and show some individual skill. But above all they are the best when it comes to the pace at which they play both offensivelly and defensively. Last match at the emirates they suffocated the gunner by not allowing time on the ball for any of the players .

But being the gunners fan i look up to the sky …sorry the GOD is here in the locker room Arsene Wenger, the masterfull tactician who has loads of experience much better then Josep Guardiola.

IF Barca have the players then Arsenal have the coach and the united strengh of the teams spirit. For after the invincible era of 2004 Gunners have always depended heavyly on the passing game and not on individual briliance. Samir Nasri has to be the special one again today like the other night against Porto . But the deady differnece is that they will not be playing at home but face the music in the camp Nou…

Let the Starts shine ..lets just hope for a beautifull game. For this to happen..Gunners have to score first which will give some nervous moments and test the metal of the Great barca side ..

Arsenal are with out the son of Barcelona Cesc Fabregas with injury, William Gallas , Arshravin.

Memories of the 2006 final in Paris where Barca defeated Arsenal 2-1 is till soar..Go gunner get the old foe..LETS just hope that the GUNNERS fire in all Cylinders ..GO Gunner GO !!!



One thought on “Young Guns ..Old Foe :(

  1. what the heck is happening to the gunners!!!we(gunners are losing 2-0 to barca(both by messi))….COME ON NASRI,WALCOTT,BENDTNER,ALMUNIA———-Show us ur really skill

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