Winter Sun

hey, all.

I’m Vinaya and this is my first post here. I thought I’d post something I wrote a little while back. The posting’s a consequence of Roopak’s badgering. So, if it ain’t good, you know where to aim those stones 😀

Winter sun

The days are bleak and they are short
With gloom, the skies are fraught.
The clime and time are miserable
Its end isn’t in the future foreseeable.


Now, night is preferable to day
Not as washed out, not as faded away.
It’s almost brighter, with rays from the moon
Reaching points the sun couldn’t at noon.


She walks along the pavement, chilled to the bone.
Thinking of her warm bed, a soft moan
Of longing escapes her lips and she stalls,
Recovering, she hurries along, her job calls.


As she walks, wretched thoughts keep her company,
She dwells on her partner, his infidelity,
She thinks of her work, the monotony,
Her unpaid bills, an evergreen source of anxiety.


Her mind is clouded, just like the skies above
And, as she walks, the sun peeps out of the cloud.
She is bathed in light, everything seems to sparkle,
She takes a deep breath, smiles gently and her eyes crinkle.


The clouds in her mind part, her sun comes out
Her mind’s winter lights up for a moment, no doubt.
Her soul is touched by light,
Bringing to a glorious end, her night.


The winter sun pleases one and all, his charm scarcely lost
On our senses, it melts our hearts’ ice and frost.
The sun, a constant of the universe, reappearing, makes us delight.
How innately simple we are, how endearingly child-like!


In a flash of brilliance, born of that surrounding her
She sees the route to happiness, so straightforward, so clear.
And she wonders, “Why have I pursued happiness all this time
Down paths and digressions, hoping against hope to attain it sometime?


Unaware of my simplicity, I have tried to buy
Myself happiness in complex ways. Failing, I repeatedly try,
Repeatedly fail, for who can win a game, unaware of the rules?
I have not read the manual, but try to fix the machine, run for tools.


The machine’s not broken, the game is still on.
I know the rules now, I am once again born.
This time, I shall let my heart sing and my feet dance,
Knowing that happiness is a state of mind, not of circumstance.

I don’t really like the title. So, if anyone has any suggestions, it’s welcome! Also, do comment! 😀

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