The future “crack”ed open

I’ll admit it – I am addicted to this show called “The first 48” – an investigative series of episodes focusing on the gaping problems in American society – crimes in general, but coincidentally (mostly) related to drug use.
The result in every case is homicide.

The show is all about the detectives getting to the crime scene and attempting to bring justice to the victims’ families in the first 48 hours post homicide.

While I was watching the show, I could not but help compare the more “developed” society in the Western world having such gruesome crimes. I understand the crime rates are much higher in developing nations, but the alarming factor is the waywardness of the youth involved. Most of the murderers age from 15-25. Some of them are fathers, as early at 16. It is incredible really, to see how a lack of vision for such people leads them to the worst path possible.

Comparing this vis-a-vis the lifestyle of the youth in countries like India, where the “pride” of a family rests of the young adoloscent writing the board exams, there seem to extravagant differences.

While placing pressure on the young teenagers for education could lead them to break down, most stay afloat and get to the best possible starting point in their lives. We’d rather have this than a bunch of murderers in every city.

Drug use across the globe has risen. While many think it is “cool” or the “in thing” to do drugs, seldom do young people realize the after effects of drug use. The health is impacted, many careers and lives are broken, and an intoxicated mind can only falter, leading to more crime.

In an era where this is a fast rising phenomenon in India, the Government needs to step in and be more vigilant towards the abuse of the freedom given to the youth. As they say, spare the rod and spoil the child – well, there are a lot of intermediate steps prior to the rod making an appearance. A much better system to engage the youth in constructive thought would better society despite rising unemployment levels.

Hope the youth of today will realize their responsibilities, and say no to crack cocaine, meth or weed, and THAT could mean a much better world.
Remember, not everyone gets to be as lucky as an Agassi who can afford to make millions and declare drug use after retirement!

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