Jetson’s jetpack is a reality!!

When I was a kid, I was a big fan of the Jetsons, not because of the cartoon as such, but more because of the crazy gadgets it had… My personal favorite though was the Jet-pack. I’ve always wanted one… Then it wasn’t available, but now it isn’t affordable!!

Martin Aircraft, the company behind this ingenious design have finally perfected it and hope to start sales by the end of 2010. It’s currently priced at a whopping $86,000 (WOW!!!)

The Jetpack

The Jetsons are Here

Now whether you can fly this around in your home city is a question which remains unanswered… This mostly will depend on the Aviation authority rules of your country!!! Another point to note is, unlike in the cartoons, one has to obtain a flying license to use one of these packs.

All things set aside, if you’ve always wanted a jetpack, and can afford one the day has come when u can have one.

The folks over at gizmag have a stunning article with all the tech specs.


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