Celebrity Status + twitter power = Unbelievable

Twitter Bird

The power of a tweet

It’s surprising to see the power of the web… A small tiny gesture can make millions of things happen!!! And guess what I happened to witness such an event a few days back…

I was randomly surfing the web when i noticed a tweet by Conan O’ brien

I’ve decided to follow someone at random. She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs. Sarah Killen, your life is about to change.

Well here are some facts you should know… Conan O’Brien started tweeting only toward the end of February (he has only 10 tweets till now) and the number of followers he has – 564,047 . Ain’t that huge.

Well getting back. I was curious and looked up this Sarah Killen… her followers rose from 3 to a whopping 14,78. Unbelievable isn’t it… No and that’s not all. When she said she was getting married this year, bang there are people all over the world handing out freebies… some one wants to design wedding invites etc etc.

Apparently strangers have planned her wedding entirely!!! Some one sent her an I mac!!!

This just happens to show what a one person can do with one tweet!!! About a few months back Alyssa Milano re tweeted an article from a blog and BANG the blog’s traffic shot up like crazy!!!

The LA Times personally interviewed Sarah and it can be read over here.

I’ve never witnessed any phenomenon which is quite so interesting!!! Please post your thoughts below!!!

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3 thoughts on “Celebrity Status + twitter power = Unbelievable

  1. It’s sure feels strange…But i think we r lucky to have been born into this “Twitter” age.
    This shows the power of the web.
    What better way to spread the word than the internet???

    Next time instead of spending money on print advertising just log into twitter;-)

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