Buttons – The blind Camera

I thought i knew what most camera’s looked like, or at least what their core components where – lens,the shutter, the display LCD (in case of digicam’s) until I heard about buttons…

This is something completely different, and a very interesting concept as well… Enough of the suspense, let me explain what it is.

Well, it’s a modified cell phone with one red button on it… no shutters,no lenses but it does have a screen. You use it pretty much the same way you use any other camera. Point and click. Now here’s the interesting bit with no lens how do u expect it to take a picture?

Buttons - the blind camera

Buttons - the blind camera

Obviously it can’t take a picture, so what does it do. It saves in its memory the exact instant u snapped the picture (that’s not all) and then starts searching the net for a picture taken at the exact same time you “snapped” yours. Depending on when a photo matching the time stamp comes online the camera keeps searching the net (maybe for a few seconds or even a couple of hours).

So what do you end up with? – A picture taken by some one else (from anywhere in the world) at the exact same instant as you. The first question on your mind is probably what the hell would I do with someone Else’s picture? – The man behind this project quotes

In a way, it belongs half to the person who had pressed the button and still remembers that moment. Because of that connection, the photos are never dismissed as random, no matter how enigmatic they may be.

SO how does this work,  right now its a Sony Ericsson K750i which is running some custom software which connects to a server (specially designed for this purpose) to find the appropriate photos.

This project is founded by SASCHA POHFLEPP and more details can be found here.

I think the idea is great, but how long would some-one have the interest to use such a device are my major concerns. After a month or so most people would probably forget which photos represents what instant! Nonetheless something out of the ordinary and worth a second glance.


3 thoughts on “Buttons – The blind Camera

    • that would happen only if some one was taking you in the picture at that time…
      i.e they would be taking the picture as u took urs (exact moment precision is highly a rare possibility) and there fore you’d know about it !!!

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