Has US found a treasure mine with its oil reserves? – Project Bronco

What did we all think about US and oil… well most of us believed the US didn’t have enough and Bush’s idea was to get it from Iraq!!! This is just a major cover up by the US.

Apparently for the past 40 years US geologists have been trying to figure out. or rather exploring a major oil reserve in the US. Supposedly one which can give the US oil for decades. And now they may have just succeeded!!!

“Project Bronco” is how its known, (supposedly top-secret). Its aim – to tap the single largest (trapped) oil resource in the world.

Oil Reservoirs in US

A map of US showing the oil deposits

How much of oil is there? well about 430 million barrels!! lets look at something more understandable – This deposit alone is more than Iraq and Saudi Arabia Combined. Now ain’t that huge???

Lets go back in time a bit. Most of us tend to forget while some of us don’t even know that the US was a major oil producer which could satisfy its own need… Apparently Illinois alone produced more than Iran and Iraq together. What happened then? well the oil wells “dried up”.  The oil was available but in such a way that it couldn’t be mined/retrieved normally…

The US discovered that they were sitting on a gold mine (which was locked) and they didn’t have the key.. So they set up Project Bronco with the sole aim of finding a method to release the world’s largest oil reservoir!

And now after a few decades they’ve finally found a method to access these trapped oil sources… and whats more, the method they’ve found is so simple that it can be used on any existing well…

This is huge news and has loads of repercussions. This is going to catapult the US economy away from the doldrums, its gonna gain the US trust, and it’ll also increase the power of the dollar, to name a few…the list is huge and too vast to even comprehend…

Has the US once again found something that’s gonna take them over the top? We’ll just have to wait and watch… My personal opinion – investing a bit in the US oil companies won’t do us any harm!!!

Post your ideas on the effect of this discovery as comments


6 thoughts on “Has US found a treasure mine with its oil reserves? – Project Bronco

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  3. Between the massive oil reserves we have in the continental US, including Alaska, Canada and also Mexico we don’t need any oil from anywhere else. We need to develop our oil resources at home, build new oil refineries and long distance pipelines along with developing alternative energy technologies. We also need to concentrate a lot of our resources to solving the water crisis and cleaning up our environment. We also have the technology to totally remediate our nuclear waste by turning it into non radioactive materials. We need to force the government to stop suppressing these technologies and allow them to be used. If we don’t allow the technologies to be used we will suffer the consequences in the future.

  4. There is a nuclear fuel known as Thorium which our own government developed back in the 50’s and went so far to build a working reactor to prove its viability. Thorium is non-proliferative, you can’t make a bomb with it and there’s no remediative waste issues. Of course we wanted a bomb for defense purposes so thorium was shelved in favor of uranium, but thorium reactors still work to boil water, to generate steam, to turn turbines, to generate electricity, and they are walk-away safe. The Chinese are developing thorium reactors using our own information and will one day license them back to US if we don’t get on the stick and reclaim what is rightfully ours. It’s unconscionable, not to say retarded, to ignore know-how & resources that could have made US energy independent decades ago. You really have to ask who has been making US energy policy decisions and in whose interests, certainly not US citizens, who have become economic refugees of globalism. For more information about thorium reactors, google: Thorium Energy Alliance.

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