Red, White and Holi

Ok, So I’m sure everybody knows, Holi is the festival of colours and is basically celebrated by Indians everywhere and all that they do is throw colours and water at each other. Sounds fun yes ?

Well I am going to share with you my personal experience of what can just happen to you at Holi.

It was a pretty hot afternoon and our cricket match had just finished, irony would have it that we would be wearing white and white on this day. Well as it so turns out Manipal Institute Of Technology has its own rules, and I was a victim of its sinister and crude ways !

Shirtless and evidently shameless, hundreds of people flock to the grand circle in MIT to play Holi year in and year out, as far as the eye could see there were people. As an innocent bystander i had to attempt to walk through this barrage of individuals i realized something, that no matter what, this walk through Kamath Circle was going to be disastrous!

I mean, these people don’t care who you are or what you’ve done, you were clean and that was all the incentive they needed. So as I helplessly walked to an inevitable doom contemplations began to what was to come, course it was short-lived as a group of young individuals walked by, to say the least they were ravishingly coloured and well, they had no apparent skin colour rather than a concoction of mixed dyes and all you could hear was the cacophony of them telling everybody that they had seen fresh blood !

Even with a cricket bat in my hand it was not enough, they circled me and I knew instantly it was over, there was to be no sympathy or generosity, the true question rises up now- to fight it… or join it. As I stood there pondering.. Well that’s all , by the time I even began thinking they had begun.!

Flung from the left, from the right, from in front, from behind and flung from angles which are too accurate for my post, it had begun in a matter of seconds I went from white to, well everything but white, but you would think that’s the end of processions, oh no !! no no no no no ! that was just the start of it all.

We as humans tend to go mental sometimes, and this was just an excuse for hundreds to go mental to say the least.  As i gathered my senses and looked around, i noticed somethin out of the ordinary, there were shirts on the floor all around me, seems almost too coincidental that everybody else saw this and realised- Wait.. he has his on.

There was little time to prepare and before I new it, ripped from the inside out and torn into shreads, crumpled and thrown aside like a pair of smelly old socks, it was over. Bare body and all and off course clear skin which was just what they were looking for, and we were back to square 1. Colour Colour Colour. !!

To be quite frank relativity never shone her beauty until today, this whole act of  ” celebration” had taken them approx 5 minutes, course it felt like forever for me 😦

Well that was all they had for me, as soon as i became 1 of them they lost interest in me altogether, kinda like customer care to most products, but that’s another discussion for another day

This was just the ugly truth behind the fast times and life of an unfortunate person who was at the wrong place and certainly the wrong time. !

Well till next time where I can share my mishaps and life in general.

Adios !


10 thoughts on “Red, White and Holi

  1. Hey,

    Come to think of it, this reminds me of my school days,which were no better than this!!!!
    We too used to colour up neat and clean persons on the road…

    I guess the best thing to do on Holi is to wither join in the madness or sit inside the house and enjoy the comforts of our home.

  2. @ Gayathri – thanks a lot. not really the most confident when i write things or anything. means a lot to me 🙂

    @ Guruswamy – Its always like this.. i was just lucky enough to be a person who wanted to stay home but had to be outside.. SIGH 🙂

  3. BUBBLES!! u are fairy flosssss………………. u noe how to make a tiny piece of sugar into something really spectacular!!!1 😀 xoxoox
    ps: fairy floss metaphor has been plagaraised!

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