Karthik Calling Karthik

My first post here and I wanted to write about what’s still fresh in my mind and its about a movie I saw this evening called “Karthik calling Karthik”. Indian cinema has come a long way since the days of the hero and heroine running around trees, drama queen moms, emotionally wooden dads and the silly villains.

Karthik calling Karthik is the story of an under achiever (yet another one) who lets people walk all over him in spite of being better than most others. He pines for the pretty girl who is happy frolicking around with a married guy(in her defense she doesn’t know he is married) completely unaware of Karthik’s existence. Finding himself lonely and depressed after being fired from his job for finally standing up for himself,  he tries to opt out of life . Just as he is about to pop some sleeping pills he receives the call that changes  his life. The caller who calls him is none other than himself, Karthik.

Sounds cooky? Well the life changing phone calls happens day after day during which the real Karthik goes through a major transformation from a geek to the stud who finally manages to snag the corner office and the girl..Well, all good things should come to an end and this happens when he confides about his secret caller to his girlfriend who suggests he should see a psychiatrist. The caller “Karthik” is simply annoyed as the dude that he tried to help seems to have doubts of his existence and vows to bring him down and this sets in motion a set of events that turns his life into a turmoil.

Just as the audience wonders where all this is going while still trying to guess who the caller is the movie ends quickly? Who is the caller? What happens to Karthik? Does he  get back on the normal track? All these questions are answered in the last 15 minutes of the movie….

SPOILER WARNING – Please just skip to the last paragraph if you are planning to watch the movie and don’t want to know what the surprise element is.

The doctor finally figures out that Karthik is suffering from a case of schizophrenia. By using the phone to set reminders and motivational messages for himself on his phone, Karthik gives life to his alter ego who helps the real Karthik get what he wants! Like most Hindi films the movie ends on a happy note where the loyal girlfriend supports him as he is being treated for his mental disorder! Phew! MY apologies for giving away the surprise element but then there is nothing else that makes this movie even remotely interesting.

Now for my thoughts on the movie – the plot is definitely new and might probably trigger more “The Beautiful Mind” inspired movies. Farhan Akthar as Karthik was convincing as the shy and reserved guy next door and Deepika Padukone as his lady love did a good job looking pretty and acting naturally. The movie is set amidst life in Mumbai and subtly highlights personal and professional relationships in fast paces lives of today – stress, lying, taking credit for someone’s ideas, cheating and occasionally, true love..The director has tried hard to keep the audience guessing the identity of the caller and the songs were passable. My suggestion to anyone wanting to watch the film would be “Please wait till the DVD is out..don’t waste time and money watching this movie at the theaters or worse: multiplexes“. The movie in an average fare and I award it 3/5. Let me know your thoughts if you have watched the movie or plan to watch it in the future.


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