Facebook screws up again!!!

Royal Screw up!!

With 400 million users using Facebook (FB Stats), You’d think they would be more careful with our data!!! Nope!!! once again the social networking giant has had a major glitch!!!

Facebook users are aware that Facebook sends you mails regarding the activity on your account (messages received, comments posted , friend requests, and so on). Well the latest glitch on the Fb system caused it to send the wrong mails to the wrong email addresses. (Oh Crap!)

So what does this mean? well usually in the mail, the message you get (or the comment posted etc) is a part of the body of the mail. This means people’s messages which are private were sent to complete strangers (or in some cases even people who they might know, but the message wasn’t intended for them)…

Here is some info from the Wall street Journal

Well according a user Pablo, he received over 100 mails of peoples’ correspondence well within 1 and half hours.

Facebook had to let the users know and they issued a statement. (Hardly describes the chaos caused)

During our regular code push yesterday evening, a bug caused some misrouting to a small number of users for a short period of time

End of it all, the bug is forgotten and we continue to use these services again. But before you send sensitive information on any of the sites, just give a thought on whether it’s absolutely necessary. In the competition to be the supremo, giants like Google (buzz incident) and Facebook are slipping up which only affects the users, i.e. us and not them.


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