Who knows you the best? – Google???


Google knows you best

For quite some time now this thought has been lingering in my head… Who knows me best? the first few people who I thought it could be were my brothers, or maybe my mother… until i realized its probably none other than Google

First reaction – “So now the answer to my question.” Realization – “Sh*t”

Well its obvious if you think hard enough. Considering the number of Google products ranging from Search, mail, calendar, wave, buzz, blogspot, analytics, etc.. and the fact that Google themselves have said they store all information (including searches) for “personalization” or “research” its quite obvious.

In fact some time back Google CEO Eric Schmidt was in soup for making some comments about online privacy – gist of it all can be understood by one of his many statements

If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place

Leave that aside for a minute, remember way back when gmail was launched in 2004 Google was boasting about their ad system in gmail – subject based ads – which means ads based on the text in your mail, which finally implies something reads at least a few words of your mail.

How does all this fit you ask? Well lets take a quick example. I would talk to my colleagues only about work related stuff my ideas, my plans etc. Whereas with friends I’d probably talk about my next holiday etc. Now each of them knows only about one phase of my life. You go to Google and search holiday locations  and also about career prospects – WAM!!! … who do you think knows you better now??? colleague, friend or Google???

OK, by now some of you think I’m insane and tell me Google is a set of computers… but its obvious that some one at Google has access to that data… Its also a commonly known fact that the US government has for sometime now been asking Google to share its data…

I’m very late with this realization, and about a year back Gina Trapani editor of Life hacker made her move from Google to yahoo because she felt Google already knew her too well!!!

On the other hand here’s a recent article on someone complaining about Google’s privacy policy.

Maybe its about time all Google worshipers/followers/users stopped for a minute to think about this…

Does Google know too much??


One thought on “Who knows you the best? – Google???

  1. A shift in our society has occurred the past few years. We have gone from initially fearing the security of the internet to anything/everything goes, your nobody unless everything about you is transparent. There is little digital hygiene that is of any concern with many of the nets younger users. This is all they have known, so it must be safe, secure, and non-problematic. I don’t know where this all nets out for privacy and society. Caution is still necessary, storage is unlimited and cheaper by the day and everything is connected.

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