The internet – Do we really know it?

It’s really surprising how many people still don’t know the basics about the internet and yet they use it everyday!!
Recently I’ve had to interact with a lot of people, on how they use the net why they use it etc.. (more like a survey)…

Here are some very interesting answers I got to a few questions…

Q : Do you have an internet connection ?

A :
No… I only have google

A : Why would I need internet when I have a computer?

A : I don’t need to have a connection, it comes whenever I open internet explorer!

now that was just for starters…

Q: What web browser do you use?

A: The internet

A: Google… it’s the best… it can find anything I want

A: Umm, i use yahoo sometimes and bing sometimes

A: I don’t use any browser… why would u want to use that?… but do use google if I don’t know what I’m looking for…

Now this may seem funny… but for someone looking for meaningful data, this is just irritating!!!

but looking back here’s one I enjoyed a lot

Q : how much do pay for your internet connection per month?

A: Oh my god!!, we have to pay per month?, Dell said internet explorer was free with windows. I’m going to sue themĀ  (and he starts dialing the dell right in front of me!!)

This just goes to show people use things everyday and still have no clue about it!!!

Shocking really…

Anyone else have any funny answers to such questions post them in the comments so that we all can have a laugh


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