4D movie – Avatar is now available in 4D

You watched, I watched and quite a huge portion of the world watched the 3D version of Avatar, James Cameron’s latest blockbuster.Now this on it’s on was quite an experience, but, someone’s always to come up with more!!!!

At a CJ-CGV theater in Korea one can experience avatar in 4D. Here’s the question again, What in the world is 4D? Well here’s what makes the movie experience at this theater something to remember.

The screening of the 4D movie uses effects (apparently more than 30) during the movie to give a more interesting experience . The effects vary from moving the seats(yes i know, they do those at the small rides at Disneyland!!!), smells of explosives (this in the case of avatar), sprinkling water, laser lights and wind.

The ticket costs about $15.80 which is quite steep compared to regular prices, but its worth the watch quote movie goers!!!

This particular chain of 4D theaters is unfortunately available only in Korea, where a few more have recently been launched after the success of Avatar. The have previously show cased many other movies like “Lightning Thief”,”Journey to the center of the earth” etc.

Lets hope multiplexes round the globe pick on this idea and we have more such theaters in other countries.


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