Premier League Obsession

With Liverpool’s defeat at the emirates , Manu’s draw to Aston villa and Tottenham’s defeat, Man city look like strong contenders for a champions league spot. They are level on points with Liverpool but have 2 games of at their disposal.Gerrard the captain has focused on booking a fourth place in the table and has called for all efforts necessary to beat Mancini’s side.

On the other end of the table the Pompeys are fighting a battle with Bolton and Burnley for a place in the premier league. With just 16 points made of 25 games it looks like the Pompeys are going out. But you never know, what can happen in the future.

Coming to the red devils,the boss Fergie feels the pressure flying all the way to Milan and back to face Everton and Aston Villa again. “These next weeks are crucial” he quotes training the side for Italian football. Will liverpool book a place in the champions league next season? We will just have to wait and watch.

There is some heat in the premier league.With  Rio Ferdinand facing a 3 match ban,a united fan throwing a coin  on Craig Bellamy,  behavior is going on a roll there. A small source recently revealed that former united striker and present City striker Tevez called Gary Neville a ‘suck up’.He claims that the defender allegedly made negative gestures
at him. He hence called him a ‘moron’ and a ‘suck up to the boss’.

Injuries seem to play a crucial role too. With Vidic not playing and with other recent injuries, Ferguson is having misery. He quotes

Injuries have never favored me and they never will. I hope there are no more crucial ones for the rest of the season.

League leaders Chelsea have their left back Ashley Cole injured for a span of three crucial months worrying both Ancelloti and England coach Capello.Elsewhere away from the premier league, Spanish Premiera league leaders Barcelona have an injury crisis  with Eric Abidal,Dani Alves,Yaya Toure and Gerrard Pique sitting on the bench watching with hope!

With the Barclay’s premier wobbling its way to the end, Chelsea are at the top with united down their throats missing them by just a point. Rooney is the top scorer of the season with 21 goals coming out of his pocket, five of which has come in his last three games.He is in splendid form continuing to score in almost all matches. Looks like united will take home the Carling cup.

It is an interesting fact to know that the premier league is one of the most watched championships in the world. Lets take that as a given, lets wait and watch what goes in these coming weeks.


Rohith V


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