Laser aboard a flight zaps down missiles!

This is a brilliant piece of innovation!!! We may now be able to stop ballistic missiles in the air with ease

A high powered laser aboard a Boeing 747 zapped a missile (already launched) during a test in US today (just a few hours back!). This test was carried out by the pentagon (Missile Defense Agency)… Apparently it has the power to zap missile s which are about hundred kilometers away!!! (WOW)

The ALTB on a boeing

Airborne Laser

here’s what the pentagon had to say-

The Missile Defense Agency demonstrated the potential use of directed energy to defend against ballistic missiles when the Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB) successfully destroyed a boosting ballistic missile.The revolutionary use of directed energy is very attractive for missile defense

In our world of science fiction we know lasers as weapons but in todays world they are mostly used for pointing,eye surgeries,targeting for guns etc….

Atlast  part science fiction is coming closer to being a reality!!!

Recently last year President Obama had turned the ALTB project into a science experiment (oops) and now he’ll most probably have to classify it under a project meant for development and deployment…

This ALTB project has been in development since the early 1990’s and the US has spent about $5 billion on this.

So within a few years we know that US will have the power to shoot down missile targets…

Here is a picture which is of the laser in action  (infrared image )

The laser in action

ALTB in action; Source : LegitReviews

The above image (infrared) was obtained from LegitReviews

But here as some questions i feel are left unanswered –

  • What happens if another flight or aircraft comes into the way of the laser?
  • Does it completely obliterate the target?
  • can it be used from the ground up?

We’ll have to wait and see what effect this new “toy” will play in defense systems in the years to come.


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