Another violent Valentine’s Day this 2010?

It all started when some Shiv Ram Sena activists brutally attacked a group of young women at a pub in Mangalore. It led to controversies and raised angry protests from women all over India. A group calling itself ‘The Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward women’ started the ‘Pink Chaddi Campaign’ in retaliation to the brutal attacks and urged women from all over the country to post in Pink Chaddis which they would then gift to Leader of Shiv Sena, Bal Thackeray. A brilliant protest it surely was. Did it suffice in curbing their actions? I’m not so sure. Shiv sena continues to make its presence felt and raises concerns on the freedom given to them that allows them to behave the way they do. Recent attacks on cinema halls in Mumbai for screening ‘My Name is Khan’, verbal attacks on Rahul Gandhi, attacks on IBN offices injuring many in the process, just to name a few…….the only thing that comes to mind is this- Has the Shiv Sena LOST IT?

Shiv Sena activists claim to be concerned about the increasing Western influence on the youth in India. But is violence the way? Have they lost their purpose? Might I be so bold as to say that they are a disgrace to India and to Indians? Bal Thackeray leads in questionable ways, and to his mindless followers, his words seem to be wisdom.

Can we expect another violent Valentine’s Day this 2010? Or has Shiv Sena learnt its lesson?


One thought on “Another violent Valentine’s Day this 2010?

  1. I agree that the Shiv Sena only “claim to be concerned about the increasing Western influence”. Just seems like everything they do is so absurd, that this has to be a front for a deeper motive.
    But that’s more of an instinct thing, not really based on evidence.

    Very informative article though. Purposeful as well. Need a voice against absurd religious fanaticism…

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