Valentine’s Day – Scam me, why don’t you?

Here it comes again, the dreaded February 14th, to ‘celebrate the spirit of love’. While all the couples hold hands and look deeply into each other’s eyes (quite sickening, to be honest), the single folks cringe and lie low till the Valentine fever passes. The focus shifts, however, from professing love to buying items that symbolise love. It’s a sweet idea, really. One that’s been around for a while – the whole token of love concept goes down many centuries.  And if we drew a graph, the love-token-giving will PEAK nearer Valentine’s day.

Suddenly, our friends obsess about every detail – gifts, cards and other such trivialities. There is nothing that can be small enough to be ignored. Every letter on every card (oh yes, there will be more than one card, believe me) has to be ‘just right’. Every present has to say “I love you, but I’m not clingy or desperate”. If that sounds ridiculous, it’s only because it is. Surely, being in true love does not mean finding the right present?

What’s all the fuss about? Why is so important for people to feel as if they have to be the perfect partner? All of us are flawed anyways, so why the constant front? It’s like ‘love’ actually reduces people to flat stick-figures who cannot think for themselves or believe that they can be good enough for anyone! It’s ridiculous to watch and yet, it makes sense in a weird and twisted way. WHY? Why the need to be ostentatious about the presents you get? Quite honestly, what’s all the fuss about? While we all want to make someone happy, we all buy into the perfect Valentine’s Day image created by commercial companies. It is after all, an image, in no way reflective of reality. It cannot be achieved and yet, its the one thing everyone is after right now! My friends asks me, “If I get him a red pillow shaped like a heart, (!) will it be cliched?”. I don’t know, actually. Will it be cliched? Common sense has been sacrificed on the altar of Valentine’s Day by the businesses that will benefit.. And its a sad sight, really. Because even so much an inkling of common sense would tell you not to be scammed by the whole Valentine’s day affair.

Some business-minded genius (Sir Alan Sugar, probably) tapped this market for love tokens. Somewhere along the line, some genius just made fools out of grown-up people acting like lovesick puppies… You’ve gotta respect that.


6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – Scam me, why don’t you?

  1. Lot of holidays and other occasions are turned into commercial ventures these days by the big businesses.

    People need to think about the essence and meaning of those occasions and cherish the moments on the special day with their loved ones.

    nothing more important and long-lasting than the special few memories we choose to create!!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. In all the fuss that we make about the trivial things, we lost the plot really…

    Hope you like my next one as well, guys 🙂

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