Google Buzz – Next Generation of social networking???

Google Buzz

Search giant Google just announced their new service (actually in rumours for a couple of days), apt fully called Google buzz. It’s a mash-up with Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Part Google wave thrown in together.

Some of the features highlighted are,

  • Automatic Friends list, where it add your existing chat list from Gmail
  • Share things either publicly or privately
  • Real time updates like twitter
  • Inbox integration, so no more switching tabs like we do for wave and reader
  • Full screen photos directly from the Buzz feed
  • Existing social networking sites connect with buzz like Twitter, Google Reader, Flickr & Picassa
  • and also incorporated recommendation and filtering

Take a look at the Introduction video below, to get a peek into the features,

So next time you login to your Gmail account lookout for the buzz tab next to your inbox. Thats right! Google just started rolling out the service. so as always with google, buzz would be rolled out in stages.

You have an iphone or an Android device??? Check out and can start right away.

How good is this buzz??? I have no idea! we just have to wait and see. Unlike Google Wave that was announced with great anticipation from a lot of online users and real-time collaboration addicts, invites for which was sought out like holy grail, its been real quiet on Waves part. it’s a great service, farsighted and still has a lot of potentials, Heck! all our writers here at everysort could just join in and create realtime discussions and post them here. but the learning curve is quite slow and all the features are not implemented still.

So how about Google Buzz??? Well it could hit right off in the fast track as it is going to be part of Gmail and that’s a big move by google businesswise, they are gonna take a huge chunk of the share from twitter and other social networking services.

Thats all I could talk about it now as I havent seen it yet in my Gmail, so expect a feature overview from me or others here once buzz hits the mainstream.


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