Mukesh in a take-over deal for liverpool?

yup, you read that right!!

Mukesh Ambani, the richest Indian man may be looking to take over the liverpool!!!

Well apparently, according to sources, Mukesh says he would pay off the club’s huge £237 million debt in exchange for a 51 percent stake in the club.

As usual we have people from both the parties denying that any talks have been going on… but again there are rumors that say talks have been on since November last year…

Another thing to note is that when Reliance industries was questioned about its possible interest in liverpool, the spokesperson replied with “We are presently not in a position to comment”. Now this statement is kind of open ended, it gives us the feel that something is going on!

Ambani is said to be worth roughly $20 billion (derived from the ownership of Reliance Industries).  It is also important to note that Mukesh has always invested quite a bit in sports. (He recently created an IPL team in 2008 , the ‘Mumbai Indians’ where he invested about $80 million).

Well this seems to be a total new direction for Indians in football… We’ll have to wait and see if Mukesh succeeds in his take-over bid.


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